Oracle 12c Pluggable Databases

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Oracle pluggable databases in Oracle 12c help reduce IT cost and complexity—with no changes to your applications.

Oracle pluggable databases are part of the new Oracle 12c multi tenant architecture, which allows a multi tenant container database to hold multiple pluggable databases. You can “unplug” a pluggable database from one container database and “plug” it into another. Yet from the standpoint of Oracle clients, pluggable databases are the same as ordinary databases.

By implementing Oracle 12c container databases and pluggable databases, you can:

  • Manage many databases as one
  • Simplify database consolidation at a greater density
  • Streamline database patching and upgrades
  • Accelerate provisioning and cloning

Sound interesting? Buda Consulting can help you develop an optimized strategy and plan to leverage the Oracle multitenant architecture in line with your specific business requirements.

Our experts can help ensure a successful, best-practice Oracle 12c multitenant implementation with reduced cost and risk and faster time-to-value.

Let Buda Consulting help you:

  • Decide how to get started with pluggable databases
  • Identify your highest-value multitenant database opportunities
  • Minimize or eliminate application and operational impacts from container databases
  • Rapidly realize the benefits of multitenancy consolidation to accelerate running mixed workloads

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