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Best Practices and Security Assessments

Government agencies need to know that the systems they are responsible for are secure and reliable and follow industry best practices.

An expert, objective third party assessment is the only way to be sure.

We have over 15 years of experience building and assessing complex, mission-critical applications. We have performed expert assessments for banks and government agencies that have identified important deficiencies in their applications and database systems.

Our comprehensive assessment services include in-depth analysis:

  • Application and Database Architecture
  • Application and Database Security
  • Quality of application and database code (robust, durable, reliable)
  • Efficiency/Performance of application and database code
  • System Development Lifecycle Maturity
    • Change Management
    • Source Control
    • Documentation
    • Development / Test Environment Isolation and Security
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Data management

We have worked with all levels of government (state, city, county, and local governments) to manage and secure mission critical data:

  • Voter Registration Data
  • Court Records
  • Juror Pools
  • Motor Vehicle Data
  • Employee Payroll Data
  • Tax Data

We are experts in database security, backup and recovery, and high availability tools that deliver total protection from data loss and downtime.