Oracle Database Vault

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Oracle Database Vault proactively protects your application data from unauthorized access by privileged database users. It enhances the security of your current applications, and can also help you discover Oracle Database runtime privileges without disrupting applications. Oracle Database Vault can also help you meet regulatory requirements and comply with IT security guidelines that mandate least privilege, separation of duties and related controls.


Oracle Database Vault allows you to:
  • Put controls in place to proactively prevent unauthorized privileged user access to application data
  • Consolidate databases and privileged users securely
  • Discover and report on runtime privileges and roles
  • Control database access with multi-factor policies

If you’re looking for ways to effectively reduce your application and database “attack surface” without impacting your users, Oracle Database Vault can become a key part of your security strategy. To talk about your business needs and consider next steps, contact Buda Consulting to schedule a free consultation.