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A sluggish database can make or break an SLA. Productivity is hit, deadlines are missed, and costs can spiral out of control. Identifying the exact reasons for a database’s sluggish performance can be tricky, which may include:

  • Poor application design
  • Poor database design
  • Misconfigured database software
  • Improper operating system, network, or storage configuration
  • Poor I/O distribution
  • Improper use of indexes

There are many other reasons why the response time of a database could slow down, and it takes experts to recognize and help alleviate the problem. Buda Consulting’s team of performance tuning specialists has over two decades of experience in database technology.

Our systematic approach to performance tuning is not restricted to giving you a performance report. We spend quality time with your developers, system engineers, and system architects to understand your current database and IT set up. We follow a specific process for performance tuning, but do know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for your unique requirement. Read our case studies to see how our clients have achieved a 3500% gain in performance! Our team provides regular progress reports, apart from detailed performance milestones, leaving no room for surprises at the end.

  • We begin by understanding the different components in the current environment and exploring any obvious performance issues.
  • We evaluate resource usage at the system and database level including memory, usage, CPU, and I/O. The initial goal is to ensure that your database software is configured to fully utilize available resources.
  • We evaluate database design issues including placement, type, and use of indexes.
  • We evaluate I/O distribution to ensure that data and indexes are separated where possible and that other database components are separated when applicable.
  • We identify the most expensive queries and work with you to optimize your application code. We often find that this where our customer stands to make the greatest gains.