As your company becomes increasingly data-driven and you initiate more database projects, your Microsoft SQL Server environment inevitably increases in size and complexity—and so does the trouble a faltering, crashed or insecure database can potentially cause. 

Degraded performance, malfunctioning SQL processes, corrupted data sets, and other SQL Server challenges demand immediate, expert attention. Having a SQL Server consulting team on speed-dial can get your database back on track in short order. Besides emergency services, other SQL Server consulting services that growing companies often eventually need include database health checks, database performance tuning, and database security vulnerability assessments. 

When it comes to your mission-critical SQL Server infrastructure, you can’t afford to waste time or take chances. You need an SQL Server consulting partner whose DBAs can go beyond routine database management to quickly identify and fix the root causes of problems, as well as proactively optimize and enhance your SQL Server environment to prevent future issues. This approach often leads to the best cost/performance equation, especially when your business runs on data.

Popular SQL Server Consulting Services

The more you leverage your SQL Server investments, the more likely you are to need specialized SQL server consulting services, from SAN configuration to SQL query tuning to custom database development. Services that a SQL Server consulting partner can offer on an on-demand basis include: 

  • Migrating SQL Server workloads to the cloud
  • Moving from Amazon RDS to SQL Server
  • Moving on-premises SQL Server assets to Microsoft Azure SQL Database
  • Upgrading your SQL Server instance
  • Identifying security issues, reporting on their potential impacts, and recommending specific corrective actions
  • Choosing, implementing, and/or testing a disaster recovery strategy
  • Choosing, implementing, and/or testing a high availability strategy (e.g., clustering, replication)
  • Choosing, implementing, and/or testing a backup strategy
  • Optimizing SQL Server configurations

Help with Managing Databases in the Cloud

SMBs are flocking to public cloud services, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS), and hybrid cloud architectures. This trend is rapidly and significantly changing the skills DBAs need, as well as the SQL Server consulting services successful companies are likely to require. 

If your company is moving database workloads to the cloud, a SQL Server consulting partner can help you plan your cloud migration strategy, sort through your IaaS, DBaaS, and hybrid options, level up your DBA skill set, operationalize new cloud database workflows, and overall ensure that you achieve your business goals.

Benefits of SQL Server Consulting Services

Taking advantage of SQL Server consulting services can have a range of benefits for SMBs, including:

  • Proactive monitoring to address performance degradation, availability glitches, capacity issues, and other problems before they impact users’ productivity or cause business disruption
  • Flexible staffing backup to cover both routine and specialized tasks, taking the pressure off you to hire, train, and manage expert DBA resources  
  • A “continuous improvement” mindset to advance the functioning and resilience of your database infrastructure
  • A comprehensive understanding of your SQL Server environment and how it can potentially support your business
  • Overall lower operational costs and reduced business risk associated with SQL Server 
  • The peace of mind of a one-stop shop for all your SQL Server needs
  • Guidance not just with Microsoft SQL Server, but also other database technologies like Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop, etc.

What’s next?

Whether you’re under pressure to address SQL Server operational challenges, need to augment your current team, or are facing a move to the cloud, a SQL Server consulting partner can help.

At Buda Consulting, our expert DBAs function as an extension of your team, so that knowledge is transferred as problems are solved. We’re small enough to really know and advise your business, but with deep experience to tackle whatever comes up with your database, minimize future risks, and help you maximize your data’s value.

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