Even in this “age of outsourcing,” Oracle database administration (DBA) outsourcing is still often overlooked. Despite some predictions to the contrary the overall percentage of organizations outsourcing their DBA has remained relatively small and stable in recent years.

Perhaps this is because Oracle DBA outsourcing is most often treated as a cost-based, tactical decision rather than a strategic move. But with the right partner, the benefits of outsourcing your Oracle DBA can extend well beyond bottom-line cost savings on database management and support. These include:

  1. Improved database performance and availability
  2. Enhanced data security
  3. Continuous support for 24×7 web environments
  4. Increased developer productivity and efficiency
  5. Reduced attrition and loss of organizational knowledge

“But wait!” I hear you saying. “Aren’t those the very reasons why I have a full-time Oracle DBA on staff?” “And don’t I need this expertise more than ever to keep up with disruptive trends like mobility, cloud and big data that are turning my data stores inside out?”

I’m not talking about eliminating your Oracle DBA expertise—I’m talking about enhancing and stabilizing it, by partnering with a certified DBA expert that offers unbeatably broad and deep expertise and won’t leave for a better paying job. I’m also talking about leveraging expertise not only in the realm of process-related, everyday database services; but also project-oriented, cutting-edge architecture, intelligence and security/compliance work.

One: Improved database availability

According to Oracle, human error is the second leading cause of unplanned downtime after network outages. By hiring the services of bona fide experts you can improve database availability and reduce the cost of downtime associated with hiring junior Oracle DBAs because they’re all you can afford.

Two: Enhanced data security

Like uptime, data security and risk reduction are a function of expertise, not just policies. An outsourced Oracle DBA expert can probably assess your environment and identify vulnerabilities better than an in-house DBA who 1) may not have focused on building security expertise, and 2) is actually hampered by familiarity with your environment. To achieve optimum security and ensure compliance it’s advisable to outsource to an “onshore” partner that you know will comply with strict US privacy laws.

Three: Continuous support for 24×7 environments

If you’re offering your clients a global service that’s up-and-running 24×7, the cost of keeping in-house DBAs online could be overwhelming. Using outsourced Oracle DBAs to keep your core Oracle databases purring along will be cheaper and more predictable.

Four: Increased developer productivity

When you strategically outsource Oracle architecture, design and performance tuning expertise you not only end up with more robust and scalable applications, you also optimize developer time by streamlining the development process with everything from better decisions to better documentation, at least where the database is concerned.

Five: More stable organizational knowledge

With Oracle DBAs in such high demand, the attrition rate is high. By using remote Oracle DBA support on a consistent basis, enterprises actually reduce the risk of losing expertise and confidential information. Likewise, there’s no “ramp-up time” while a new employee comes up to speed.

In short, Oracle DBA outsourcing can deliver the expertise required to enable organizations of all sizes to handle growing database responsibilities—and yes, cut costs as well. Contact Buda Consulting to start a conversation on how we can help.