One of the principles of Buda Consulting’s redundant database coverage is that we always have at least two people who know your databases and your environment. This best practice is especially important at this time.

In normal times, this helps with responsiveness and cuts down on required knowledge transfer when a problem occurs or when an urgent change is necessary.

But the impact that Covid-19 is having on all of us illustrates another, more important reason. 

Fortunately, most people that contract the illness get minor symptoms and recover quickly.  But sadly, those that get very sick, are incapacitated very quickly.  I personally know two people, both relatively young, that died from Covid within 5 days of first showing symptoms. One within two days. The progression of the symptoms is very rapid, incapacitating the virus’ most unfortunate victims very quickly.  Leaving little time to make preparations.

While it may seem like a trivial matter when considering the magnitude of loss that many are suffering, losing your critical data when your business is struggling to adjust to the rapidly changing environment can be debilitating for your business.

If your databases are housing mission-critical data, best practice at this time and always is to have more than one person who has the knowledge and ability to manage your database systems and to respond to any problems that arise.  After your sole DBA gets sick may simply be too late. 

Don’t wait, make sure that at least two people in your organization know how to connect to your databases and are familiar with the environment today.  Or reach out to a trusted redundant database coverage service provider like Buda Consulting and engage someone else to back you up. It has never been more critical to do so.

Stay safe!