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Selecting, designing, and implementing a database system that will scale with business growth is a complex process that requires not just technical expertise, but an understanding of the business and user needs. The architecture has to address the business needs of the organization, be scalable, and provide optimum performance.

Buda Consulting provides business-driven Database Architecture and Database Design services. Our database experts will analyze your requirements, ask the right questions, listen to your answers, and then architect a complete database solution for your business and application requirements that will be for the long-term.

Database System Architecture
Database System Architecture

Selecting the right database management software for your requirements and for your budget is a critical first step. We help you understand the options, risks and costs associated with the different editions of Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB so you make the best choice for your project. 

Selecting the right processors, memory configuration, and storage system is critical to having a reliable system that delivers the performance that you require. Storage configuration, virtualization, hardware clustering, operating system and database clustering will determine how well your database system satisfies your business requirements. The proper distribution of database software components and files is equally critical.

We provide expert guidance during the selection of hardware and assist in the configuration of the hardware and operating system software to ensure success.

 Vendor Specific Architecture

Selecting a database vendor and implementing vendor-specific features are crucial steps in designing database architecture. For example, Oracle Database architecture has its own set of architectural choices that require a high degree of expertise.

Oracle Database Architecture involves choosing whether to use RAC, how to distribute instances, whether to employ data guard, and how to distribute data and log files.

We have the expertise to help you decide which database vendor to use based on your environment and application requirements, and how to make the proper architectural choices once you have chosen one.

 Vendor Specific Architecture
Database Design
Database Design

The design of your database is the most important determinant of its usefulness and longevity. If designed properly, your database can outlive multiple generations of front-end software and will ensure that all of the applications in your enterprise will be served well.

At Buda Consulting, we know that a structured, robust system can be built only with your involvement. We engage with your IT team right from the start and ask pertinent, crucial questions because this knowledge will be the foundation on which the system will be built.

Our experts bring years of experience to develop a robust data model that will organize your data in the most effective way to support your current and future applications. Working with Erwin, Toad Data Modeler, or other database design software, we thoughtfully and efficiently design, communicate, and document a high quality data model.

We start with a well-normalized relational data model based on the characteristics of the data, not the applications. Then we make well-informed adjustments, aggregations, or de-normalizations only when necessary. This ensures that the data remains in its natural state and will serve future applications as well as current ones.


A well-documented database is essential for future maintenance and usefulness of the database. We provide professional data model diagrams and data dictionaries so that future architects and developers will understand the data and be able to use it effectively. This documentation also serves as an essential communication tool during the design and development process.

The result of this rigorous design process is a database that will exceed your expectations in many ways. Your database will be reliable, will perform well, and will serve your business long into the future.

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