Interface Development

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Over the years, your business users have created massive volumes of data that are stored in various sources, which are accessed according to user needs. Whatever the source of your data, we can ensure that it is collected, cleansed, and managed properly. These sources can include:

  • Internal ERP systems
  • Legacy systems
  • Vendor systems
  • Partners systems
  • Client systems
  • Direct feeds from lab devices
Interface Development

Data from these sources needs to be collected, cleansed, and transformed so it can be effectively used to help make informed business decisions. Since data comes from various sources, it has to be synchronized between systems, which in turn require careful controls, such as:

  • Graceful Exception Handling
  • Robust Error Logging
  • Proper Resumption of Partial Transfers
  • Comprehensive Auditing

Buda Consulting has been creating robust data interfaces for over twenty years. We have developed interfaces between SAP and custom built solutions and third party applications, interfaces that collect data from firewalls and other hardware devices, and interfaces that transfer data from user created spreadsheets and text documents to operational and data warehouse systems.