Disaster Recovery

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Companies now consider 24x7x365 availability of their web presence or ERP as a critical requirement for keeping up with today’s ever-changing market dynamics. They cannot afford to face downtime of mission-critical applications—and especially their databases. Their ability to withstand outages, natural disasters, and infrastructure interruptions will determine their level of business continuity, and thus directly affect their bottom line. Buda Consulting offers the following important services to ensure business continuity:

  • High Availability
  • Disaster Recovery

The importance of High Availability in any business cannot be underestimated: downtime costs alone have been estimated in the millions of dollars per hour in some industries. Database downtime is what a CTO’s nightmares are made of, and this could be the result of various causes: natural disasters, power outages, or server failures.

At Buda Consulting, we understand the extent to which companies rely on databases and the importance of high availability (HA). Our Reliability Review is a proven and tested high availability solution that will take stock of your current risk scenario and help determine the level of protection your business requires.

High Availability Technology
  • Server Clustering
  • Oracle RAC
  • Mirroring
  • Oracle Data Guard
  • Oracle Streams
  • Virtualization
  • Disk-based backup technologies

Our expertise ensures a marked increase in uptime, apart from keeping your database highly available.

We believe that every business and every organization is unique in its character: Buda’s consultants learn and understand the dynamics of your organization, from tolerance for downtime and data loss, to your specific hardware and software technologies, and your current and projected budgets for IT. With this knowledge we design and implement the HA solution we know will best suit your requirements.

Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is oftentimes considered more as insurance than assurance. This is not merely a ploy to sell fear – it is protection against events that strike when least expected.

There’s no measuring loss of data – be it an hour’s outage or a week’s, the resultant disaster is the same. However, the speed of recovery can salvage operating revenue and preserve customer trust. This is especially true for organizations that operate without breaks and require robust, resilient disaster recovery solutions to get them back on their feet again.

Database-Specific Disaster Recovery Options

Oracle Disaster Recovery options include RMAN and Data Guard . With Data Guard, you can build a robust environment with hot or cold standby databases and it is usually the best option for Oracle Disaster Recovery. Oracle GoldenGate is another option that provides a sophisticated replication solution.

DBVisit provide Disaster Recovery options when Data Guard is not available to you (Oracle Standard Edition).

SQL server has H/A and D/R options available as well involving clustering and always-on availability groups.

Buda helps you navigate all of these options and choose the best configuration for your business requirements.

Disaster Recovery Technologies
Disaster Recovery Technologies

At Buda Consulting, we provide resilient, reliable, and responsive disaster recovery solutions that fit SMBs as much as large organizations. Our solutions include:

  • Disk-based back technologies
  • Oracle RMAN
  • Oracle Data Guard
  • Oracle Golden Gate
  • DBVisit
  • SQL Server Always-On Availability Groups

Whether you need a hot standby site in another state or a cold standby site in another room, we help you select, architect, and implement the perfect solution for your business and your budget.