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Businesses face huge losses due to database downtime each year and have come to realize that periodic database health checks are imperative to the smooth functioning of their ERP, their IT ecosystem, and the company itself.

Buda Consulting offers a 35 Point Oracle Database Health Check, which covers the most critical installation and configuration issues. We do not leave any stone unturned. Our experts treat the less critical issues with equal attention, simply because we never leave anything to chance – what seems small today can escalate out of proportion tomorrow. Our clear and comprehensive documentation helps your IT team understand and isolate issues that need priority.

Oracle Database Health Check
Here’s what our customers can expect with our Oracle Database Health Check:
  • Review Database Maintenance procedures
  • Review alert log, trace files
  • Review parameters
  • Validate redo log file configuration
  • Identify Index fragmentation
  • Review memory usage
  • Validate data blocks
  • Validate datafile configuration
  • Validate Archive log file configuration
  • Identify invalid objects
  • Validate Data dictionary consistency
  • Identify Tablespace fragmentation

Upon completion, our Health Check specialists will hand over a detailed report, which is a record confirming that all issues in the analysis report have been addressed. This will include potential areas of concern, and recommended actions to resolve these problems too.

Buda Consulting’s Oracle Database Health Check is reliable, and will ensure that your database is more stable and runs optimally.