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Businesses often face challenges after a database has been built, even if it is custom made. Sometimes databases take weeks to generate reports, or reports are in formats that you are unfamiliar with, and other times the data you require urgently is simply delayed.

Buda Consulting’s Database experts use our tried and tested tools to optimize and exploit the information and intelligence embedded in your database.

Simply put, we help decipher the architecture of your database and ensure that the information you need from it is available in the right format, in the right place, and certainly at the right time.

Modeling Process
  • Using an Intelligent Data Modeling Process, we build data models that reflect the true meaning of the data and the true relationships between data so you can answer any future questions about that data, without overly-complex applications or convoluted SQL code. Buda Consulting’s experts have years of experience in relational database design and have helped numerous customers understand this process.
  • We take our time to understand everything about each data element: Where it comes from, how it is created, how it is used throughout the organization, and how it relates to other data in the system. This rigorous approach takes more time but results in much greater longevity of the database.
  • By taking this approach, we unleash the power of the SQL language, including set operations. We minimize the need for procedural control structures, thereby reducing the complexity of the code, and taking advantage of the powerful optimizers in Oracle and SQL Server.
  • Databases designed in this way become excellent foundations for your Data Marts or Data Warehouses, where specific applications can use the data in any form they wish – aggregated, summarized, or reorganized. All of your users get the answers they need, not just the owners of the data or users of the original applications.
  • Databases designed in this fashion will serve your users for many years, outlasting multiple generations of front-end applications as new technology results in replacements to the user interface. Behind the scenes, your database will be a reliable source of data for many different applications.
  • The result of this process is a well-designed database and professional documentation including a data model and data dictionary.
Database Design

Often, databases are designed with a specific application and a specific user base. So while the database is effective for targeted users, it is perceived as useless for other users of the same data, because the questions they pose are not preconceived. Our intelligent approach to database design will give you quick access to all the data you need, when you need it. We determine the true meaning of the data and the relationships between the data, regardless of the specific application. This unlocks the potential of the data and gives you the answers you require.