Another new client, Another bad backup

I originally wrote this post in July but I am updating it today because it is so important.  Yesterday we did an initial Oracle Database Health Check for another new client and found yet again that their backups are useless. This time the client was taking backups regularly, but was not preparing the database first and was just copying the database files. Unfortunately this renders the backup useless.

Here is the original post:

One of the first things that we do when engaging a new client for Oracle or SQL Server Database Administration support is to do an inventory of their current databases and to validate that they have a good backup and recovery scheme in place.  The vast majority of the time, we find that there are either no backups being taken at all, or that not all of the data and configuration files are being backed up properly, despite the fact that the client thinks they are.

Often, there was a proper backup in place at some time in the past, but over time, the configuration of the system changed rendering the backup useless. These changes include changes in disk configuration, addition of data files, and other changes, that were made at the operating system level, configured properly in the database, but never modified in the backup configuration.

It is a simple oversight that can have catastrophic effects. We recently spent over three months helping a new client recover many years worth of data that they thought they were backup up properly, but they were wrong!

A regularly scheduled review of the backup scheme and a test recovery is the best way to ensure that your Oracle or SQL Server database is being properly backed up.

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